Covid-19 Update

During the Covid-19 lockdown our gym, like all others is currently closed, however that doesn’t mean training stops. Mr Doyle & Mr Stewart are hosting Zoom online training sessions 4 nights a week plus some additional classes.

Time Table

  • Monday 6pm Little Ninjas
  • Monday 6:45pm Kick Kids
  • Tuesday 6pm Junior Taekwon-Do
  • Tuesday 6:45pm Adult Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing
  • Wednesday 6pm Little Ninjas
  • Wednesday 6:45pm Kickin Kids
  • Thursday 6pm Junior Taekwon-D0
  • Thursday 6:45pm Adult Taekwon-Do and Kickboing

All you need is the zoom app installed on your phone, tablet or computer and to provide us with your email address and we will invite you along to the session.

If you don’t use Facebook, drop us a message via the contact us link and we can make arrangements to get you invite to the correct Zoom chat groups.

Bellshill Martial Arts Academy

Bellshill Martial Arts Academy is the new name for Bellshill Taekwon-Do. We are a full time gym teaching in Bellshill North Lanarkshire, we’ve been teaching in Bellshill for over 25 years beginning life in Bellshill Cultural Centreal before opening our full time premise at 25 Strachan Street Bellshill.

We offer classes in traditional ITF Taekwon-Do and Korean Kicking Boxing with various classes for different age groups over 4 days a week, we’ve something to offer everyone, not matter your level or end goals, we even have a personal trainer working out the gym for those early morning fitness sessions.

The numbers add up, over 90 students, 11 Black Belts, 6 qualified first aiders and a growing number of assistants in our leadership team, so why not get in touch or drop by the gym and see what we can offer you today.


Classes at Bellshill Taekwon-Do

Our Little Ninjas class is for kids from 5 years old to 7 years old. The little Ninjas program is designed to teach kids the basic skills and a foundations in Martial Arts

Tradition Taekwon-Do is a Korean Martial Art, with an emphasis on explosive and powerful kicking techniques, we run 2 different classes. Junior TKD for 9 year old to 13 and adult classes for 13 years olds and up.

Our Kickin Kids is for kids from 9 to 9 years old, building on the skills learned from the LIttle Ninjas program. New students with no previous experience will quickly catch up over the first few months and begin to learn the foundation of Martial Arts.

Korean Kickboxing, is a kick punch sweat class, taking the kicking techniques from Taekwon-Do and adding in hand techniques from boxing. We have 2 classes, 1 for juniors and 1 for adults.

How to Join

Click the Contact Us  link above to drop us an email and arrange a training session with us, or just drop by the club, say hello, wear some comfortable clothing and take part in a training session. All introduction training session are free.

Sign up as a member and pay the yearly licence fee and claim your first months training for free and your first Dobok ( training suite ) for free.